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3 Reasons Why More People Are Switching From Electric To Gas Hot Water

3 Reasons Why More People Are Switching From Electric To Gas Hot Water

Whether you’re thinking of upgrading your home or buying a new one and looking to ensure the showers are delightfully warming in the cooler months, chances are you’ve had the debate with your significant other or even yourself as to whether an electric or gas hot water system is appropriate. It’s an age-old question that has many people debating on the utilities of both. For good reason too, it’s one of the leading finance burdens on the home and also one that should be approached with careful consideration.

When tossing up between electric and gas hot water, a few fundamental factors should be in the front of your mind as you peruse through the various options at your disposal. Some households have insufficient coverage to adequately support an electrical system or don’t have storage space for an effective gas hot water system. Other times it’s the number of people in the household or even the budget from the get-go for installation. These are small aspects that can have a massive impact in your decision of which is the superior choice for you.

There is a noticeable trend in the upward direction pertaining to the gas hot water systems advantages and tactical uses, so today there’ll be a small breakdown of the reasons more people are making the gas hot water switch.

1.   Electric Tends To Cost More Long Term

Yes, we have to start off with the money when it comes to people making the gas hot water switch. There are a few reasons that back up this claim however that we will be sauntering through now.

Not the least of which being the initial pricing of installation, traditionally gas hot water has a higher payment for installation and requires the mindful eye of an expert in the field to ensure no leakages occur. While this is certainly a factor in the short term, for those who are upgrading their home for a more permanent capacity, the savings that are incurred after the fact are incredibly more lucrative than the electric counterparts.

The efficacy has a higher rating in terms of the utility bills as anyone who currently holds a gas hot water system will attest to, making the switch all the more easier.

2.   Less Greenhouse Emissions

effective gas hot water system connection

Another principal factor pulling people away from electric and more into solar and gas hot water are the carbon emissions that have made their way into the public vernacular. It’s no secret that more responsible utilities are needed across the board, and in terms of ease of use, gas hot water seems to be more ‘green friendly’ than traditional electric systems.

The lackluster energy output is certainly one of the main factors sending people away from their current setups, there is also the discussion surrounding the time-of-day usage where the electric models we were able to find were not up to scratch in the slightest in comparison.

3.   Generally Faster

Let’s be honest, we are a world that favours the quickest possible delivery of our intended desire, this is not lost at all on the gas hot water systems in comparison to their counterparts. Being a generally faster utility in general, there is typically less waiting time for the showers to warm up for instance and there is more compatibility with the instantaneous systems that have taken over the globe as the new trendy addition to have in the home.

In the end, the choice is yours for which system to go with, always check for compatibility and consider the length of time you’ll be living there as a major factor when deciding.

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