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Different Types Of Exercise Machines

Different Types Of Exercise Machines

Exercise machines can be a great tool for enjoying a good workout. They’re known for delivering great results and for helping people to exercise in a way that they never otherwise could. For many people, exercise machines are an excellent solution, both at home and in the gym. It is however important to keep in mind the fact that this type of equipment will only ever be effective when used regularly and that it’s important to ensure that you understand how to use the equipment in order to avoid any serious accidents or injuries. You also need to remember that this equipment comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Here are some of the common types of exercise machines you might come across.

Cardio equipment


Drop into just about any gym and you’ll notice that a lot of the exercise machines are things like cycling equipment, rowing equipment, treadmills and stair climbers. They’re designed to help you burn calories and get your cardio workout completed. They’re great for helping to burn fat and better yet, you can do it no matter what the weather is like. The price for this kind of equipment is highly variable. For non-motorised equipment, you might expect to spend a few hundred dollars. For highly advanced equipment, you could be looking at spending thousands. A lot of cardio equipment is designed with clever add-on’s that will measure your heart rate as well as calories burned. Below are some of the most popular kinds of cardio exercise machines you might come across.

Cross country ski equipment

This equipment is designed to allow you to exercise both your arms and legs at the same time. They work similar to skis and allow you to move in a sliding motion which puts less pressure on your knees than other equipment.


Ellipticals are designed to move in a circular motion and are sort of like a mix between skis and stair-steppers. They are great because they are very low-impact and they don’t put a lot of pressure on the joints like cardio exercise such as running. It’s possible to increase the resistance on them for a more difficult workout. For some people it can take a while to get into the swing of the motion pattern as it’s not typically a way that most people move.


Rowing equipment is very common in gyms. It’s great because rowing equipment is designed to work out your legs, arms and back all at the same time. The resistance on the equipment can be increase to make the workout harder.


This is equipment designed to mimic a similar motion to climbing the stairs. It can make for a tough cardio workout but many people should remember that it can take a while to get used to the motion.

Strength equipment

adjustable weights for working out

A lot of exercise machines will focus on helping you to build strength.

Ankle weights

Ankle weights are made to help you build strength in your legs and hips. You should start out without the weight to high otherwise you could injure yourself.

Hand weights

Hand weights are a great tool for building strength in your arms and in other areas of your body.

There are a lot of other types of equipment out there that can help you a long your fitness journey. Much of it can be found at your local gym, it’s also a great idea to purchase some of these items for your own home gym set up. The equipment you use should depend on your needs and health requirements.

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