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Feeling Peckish? The Components Of The Best Paella In Sydney

Feeling Peckish? The Components Of The Best Paella In Sydney

Paella is a classic staple food in Spain that has been on our plates since the 1800’s. The traditional recipe included meats of rabbits, chicken, and snail but has since modified to suit the modern palate. It has a long history of many changes to be able to be eaten across the globe. Paella is traditionally eaten in the one pan alongside friends and family with their own wooden spoons, making it perfect for a party. With our foods, we have rearranged the dish to suit Australian customers. Here is the list of the ingredients that make up the best paella for catering in Sydney. 

The key ingredients that make up the best paella in Sydney

Meat, Seafood or Vegetarian

This best Paella in Sydney will fill you up. Traditional paella contains a filling of shrimp, chicken or chorizo sausage that will sure have your mouth water. In history, paella also had fillings of rabbit, eels and even snails. Today seafood paella is the most popular option which has only recently been added to the best paella in Sydney. On our menu, we have options for you to just have the fillings separate, mixed or order the vegetarian option. You can even customise your filling choices to suit your own tastes. The paella is also gluten, dairy and nut-free suited to accommodate those with allergies.

Spanish Saffron

Man serving the best paella for catering in Sydney

Saffron is very much an important ingredient giving a burst of flavour to all paellas. Saffron originally comes from Greece but is now founded across Iran, Morroco and India adding to the multicultural taste of the best paella in Sydney. This spice is expensive due to the long and laboured process it takes to collect; you need over four thousand crocus flowers to gather one pound of saffron. They are collected a certain time of the day and its threads are handpicked by many people hence its popularity. From its bright colour to its earthy taste, saffron will spice up the cultivated rice dish giving it the yellow colouring of the rice. This is the best paella in Sydney which has flavouring pulled from different countries that makes this dish so distinct.

Calasparra Rice

Due to the reign of the Moors over Spain, rice became the main grain for Spanish cuisine. Calasparra rice otherwise known as a type of Balilla rice comes all the way from the Province of Murcia in the mountains. This variety is grown under special conditions making it much more expensive than Balilla rice grown in other areas in Spain.  This ingredient works to take in all the flavours but not turn into a soggy texture like risotto retaining good shape. This rice adds to what makes this the best paella in Sydney making this a filling feast.


Most paellas have garlic and onion as the base, artichoke, capsicum and beans or peas as a garnish. Tomatoes and pimientos are also used to add to its colourful burst of flavours. Its choice in vegetables came from whatever was available in the areas of Spain. This array of vegetables adds to what makes this dish a classic comfort food and the best paella in Sydney.

The Takeaway

Best paella in Sydney is a dynamic dish packed with an abundance of varying flavours, meats and vegetables. The dish has a long-standing history to get it where it is today. With its ingredients coming from all different cultures across the globe, this best paella in Sydney has been able to be adapted based on what ingredients are available.  The best paella in Sydney is a cuisine not to miss out on, satisfying your hunger.

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