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How To Look Good In Thong Swimsuit Bottoms

How To Look Good In Thong Swimsuit Bottoms

Thong swimsuit bottoms are a hot trend for this year and many people are sporting them at beaches and around pools around the world. They can certainly be a bit of a daring and revealing look but worn right they’ll make you feel sexy and brave. Heaps of celebs have been on camera wearing sexy thong swimsuit bottoms and a lot of people are following suit. Undoubtedly you’ll notice people with all kinds of body shapes wearing this style on the beach as the weather warms up, so how can you pull it off?


The origins of thong swimsuit bottoms

The thong swimsuit bottoms style first became a serious trend back in the 70s when the style was first invented. For a brief amount of time they were seen all over beaches, this was further bolstered by TV shows and beach fashion with celebrities at the time wearing the look. The style fell out of favor in later decades with many millennials preferring more coverage to thong swimsuit bottoms. But as is always the case with fashion, everything old is new again and the trend has seen a recent resurgence in popularity, returning to catwalks and beaches around the world.


Why it’s cool again

It’s cooler than ever before to show off your curves and the popularity of apps like Instagram is seeing many celebrities and influencers wearing thong swimsuit bottoms on camera and in lavish locations around the world. So if you’re not famous, is it really a look that you can get away with? We think so! It’s surprising how versatile and stylish such a small amount of fabric can be. No matter what your body type is, there’s a way to make it work for you. You don’t have to opt for the most extreme version of the look which is basically floss, there are easier ways to pull off the look. You may for instance want to go for designs with a bit more fabric. You can still have the look of thong swimsuit bottoms, which are very flattering on your derriere without leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. If you have a tall, thin figure then you may want to opt for string style and try out different fabric cuts to suit your figure. If you’re curvy then higher cuts can look wonderful and will enhance your assets.


If you have a bit of a tummy that you want to hide, then you may want to look for styles that sit up a bit higher and have a bit more structure as this can help to pull your waist in a bit. If you don’t mind drawing a little bit of attention on the beach and in the pool then you may want to choose designs with a little bit of patterning, side panels or bright colours.

If the style is making you feel a little bit vulnerable, then cover up a little bit more on your top half with a tankini or more supportive bikini design and this can make the look feel a little bit less risqué.

If you have the confidence to rock thong swimsuit bottoms at their smallest, then you’ll definitely want to remember how important the right cut is. Good materials and a design that suits you can be the difference between rocking this look or unintentionally revealing too much on the beach.


With summer just around the corner now is the time to go shopping for some new thing swimsuit bottoms. Shop for them in store or online this beach season!





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