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Should You See A Paediatric Dermatologist In Melbourne?

Should You See A Paediatric Dermatologist In Melbourne?

Have you noticed that your child has something going on, on their skin? Maybe it’s a rash or a wart. You’ve been to the GP but it doesn’t seem to be budging or they aren’t sure how to identify it. It might be time to visit a paediatric dermatologist in Melbourne. They are doctors who specialise in diagnosing the skin conditions of kids. They deal with children from birth through to adolescence. Many children experience the same kind of skin issues that an adult might face but doctors who are used to dealing with adults may struggle to correctly diagnose issues, this is where a trained paediatric dermatologist in Melbourne can help. Read on to find out more below.


What does a paediatric dermatologist in Melbourne do?

A paediatric dermatologist in Melbourne is a specialist doctor that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions in children.


Why should I take my child to one?

You might take your child to a paediatric dermatologist in Melbourne if you suspect that they have a skin condition or if you notice signs of a rash, eczema, acne, moles or psoriasis. A specialist can identify conditions and find treatments to alleviate any problem symptoms.

It’s good to work with a doctor that specialises in working with children because they a specifically trained to make them more comfortable and to diagnose and treatment. Unlike adults’ children can’t always communicate what it going on with. Specialist who work with them are taught to be able to identify what is going on which them and how to speak to them. Their offices are often designed to make kids feel comfortable, with toys and more in the waiting room and they know how to speak to parents about treatment options and older children to ensure that they know how to manage their health.


Where do I find one?

To schedule an appointment with a paediatric dermatologist in Melbourne you may need to get a referral from your usual doctor or call up and make an appointment with a local office. Many of them work in private clinics, children’s hospitals and community centres.


Before you go to one

Young boy suffering from skin disease

Before you take your child to a paediatric dermatologist in Melbourne it’s a good idea to speak to your GP about what your kid needs. You also need to make an appointment and be aware that there are sometimes waiting lists to think about. If the wait is long and your issue is urgent you want to talk your child to the ER instead or you may find that the issue resolves. If you have young children you might want to check if they have toys in the waiting room as kids can get bored and restless, you may also want to check what the cost is going to be to go to the appointment and you’ll need to find out where their office is located.


When should you visit?

A paediatric dermatologist in Melbourne is supposed to diagnose skin issues like infections, fungus ringworm, acne, psoriasis, warts and much more. The will provide treatments to try and manage conditions and also perform skin biopsies and other tasks. It’s a good idea to visit one if your child has skin abnormalities, seems bothered by a rash or other issues, has recurrent and persistent skin issues or is showing sign of allergies or other serious issues. Because they specialise in both dealing with children and skin conditions they are ideal for making accurate diagnosis of skin conditions on children and providing effective treatments.



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