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What Is Container Unloading And Why Is It Important?

What Is Container Unloading And Why Is It Important?

Container unloading is the process of unloading the containers that are carried on cargo ships so that the items can be transported by land to their destination. Cargo ships carry hundreds of containers on them to traverse the oceans and reach their destination safely, and every multi-national industry likely uses container ships to move their products across the globe. The process of unloading the containers is incredibly important to every business across the globe and without an efficient process of container unloading, the trade world essentially has a bottleneck. Reducing the impact of this bottleneck in trading will make your business run smoother and give more people access to your goods.

How Does Container Unloading Work?

When a cargo ship comes into port, it is carrying hundreds of filled containers stacked on top of each other and each of these containers need to be unloaded in a safe and efficient manner in order to for the products to reach their customers. The whole process is largely automated these days, but there are still people on site to ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely.

Once the ship is docked, a container unloading crane comes by too pick up the containers. These cranes typically feature a large electro-magnet that will pick up the container and drop it onto a vehicle that will transport it to its correct position. These vehicles are shaped very similar to a large semi-truck and they move the containers from the boat or dock into a position that can be easily accessed by the next part of the process. Many of these vehicles are practically automated these days and don’t even require a driver to move the shipping containers. These vehicles are known as automated guided vehicles.

Once the vehicle is in place, another crane will pick up the cargo from the vehicle and place it onto the stack that it should go on. These cranes are known as automated stacking cranes, and also don’t need a human present to run.

From this point, not much else is needed in terms of container unloading. The containers are now in place and are ready to be shipped to where they need to go. The automated stacking cranes will move the containers from their stack and onto a truck, train or barge and the shipping process can continue.

Why is Container Unloading Important?

Shipping container unloading process

Container unloading is something that every single company that ships products needs, whether they are in control of the process or not. Shipping companies will generally handle container loading and unloading, but it is important for business owners to understand how their products are shipped and why shipping can be delayed.

Without an efficient way to load and unload ships, the economy would collapse due to products not arriving quickly or on time. Having good container unloading methods has greatly increased the shipping speed across the globe. The whole process of shipping has become incredibly important over the past couple of years, and with the spread of online ordering, the industry will only continue to grow and more efficient methods might need to be implemented so that customers can get what they want. Overnight shipping is a relatively new concept, but since its introduction, people have started to get impatient when their products take a while to ship. There are still companies out there that take weeks for their products to reach their customers, but as time goes on, those companies either have to adapt faster shipping methods, or they go out of business. Container unloading is a major bottleneck and thanks to many new processes and automation technologies, that bottleneck has become less of an issue.

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