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Why Designer Swimsuits Can Be Comfortable & Fashionable

Why Designer Swimsuits Can be Comfortable & Fashionable

Getting that balance right between comfort and fashion is the order of the day for brands who produce and market designer swimsuits.

Although Myra Swim collections are usually at the high end of the price tag, there is no reason why they cannot deliver excellence when it comes to their customised fit and how they present a sexy image for women.

The idea that consumers have to compromise in one manner or another is a problem consigned to the past, and we will discuss why brands in this industry are getting the mixture just right.


Quality Brand Fabrics

Fortunately, there has been a blurring of the lines between professional swimwear and producers of designer swimsuits. This recent shift in dynamics for the industry has opened up new opportunities, removing those outdated fabric selections that stuck to the skin, failed to dry correctly and faded due to overexposure in the water. These collections strike a delicate balance between comfort and fashion thanks to the properties of the quality fabric brands, supplying shoppers with Lycra, polyester and nylon creations. They’re adaptable for a perfect fit and manage to survive the wear and tear that previous iterations could not.

Customisable Size Fittings

It is worthwhile assessing designer swimsuits on their merits when it comes to customising the fabric for each individual customer. Gone are the days when shoppers had to make compromised purchases simply because there was no attention paid to their body profile. From the thin to the plus-sized, the round to the hourglass, the triangle to the athletic or the oval to the spoon shape, this type of attire will balance comfort for fashion thanks to their size adaptable properties.

One & Two-Piece Design Options

Women will have their preference when it comes to designer swimsuits that are crafted for one-piece and two-piece materials. Depending on their dynamic, each brand has their merits. Two-piece arrangements allow for more freedom for users who want to experiment with colour and tone arrangements while enjoying size differentials from the top to the bottom. What one-piece fabrics offer for consumers is practicality, removing the need to worry about more wardrobe clutter.

Extra Strapping Support

Woman flexing her designer swimsuit

A common issue that is identified with many designer swimsuits is a lack of support with the material. Especially for those sexy fabrics that don’t leave enough to the imagination, there can be problems with the stretching of the support, cutting off blood circulation and creating an uncomfortable experience for the user. Underwire options with thick strap halters ensure that there is adequate support regardless of the swimwear coverage.

Fashionable Accessories

Shoppers who study designer swimsuits in isolation can easily overlook how the addition of some accessories allow for a balance between comfort and fashion. Especially for stores like Myra Swim that love to offer packaged deals to save on costs, the inclusion of slippers, sandals, glasses, hats, shirts and garments can provide complementary features that complete the picture. When some swimwear leaves little to the imagination, it is nice to add to the wardrobe and have some extra attire when the conditions decide to change.

Try Before You Buy Outlets

The online vs. offline debate with designer brands becomes crystal clear for those that want to be able to try on the attire before agreeing to a purchase. Unless there is 100% confidence with the measurements when returning for additional acquisitions, then consumers can be relaxed when they approach locations to try the goods out in person. This will give them an opportunity to have an honest assessment for the item and determine if it indeed strikes the balance between comfort and style. That is the only way to source designer swimsuits without speculating on their value from the outside.


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