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Why People Love Diamond Engagement Rings

Why People Love Diamond Engagement Rings

When people get married, one of the most important things is the wedding band that they present to their partner when they pop the question. For many people, the wedding band they purchase for their partner is one of the most expensive things they buy, next to things like a car and a house.

Most of the time, people opt for wedding bands that have some kind of precious stone built into them – and this is where most of the physical value lies. When someone is precious to you, it makes sense to get them a wedding band that has a precious mineral in it.

There’s no doubt that diamond engagement rings Melbourne made are the most popular option in this category. The following will examine a few of the reasons why diamond engagement rings are so beloved by people all over the world.


1.    They’re timeless

Has there ever been a time in history where precious stones went out of fashion? While certain types may be more relevant in different cultures (such as jade being more revered in the East), diamond engagement rings have remained in the top-tier for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

It’s easy to see why – this type of stone is both scarce, beautiful, and incredibly resilient. In fact, it’s famous for not being able to be cracked even under extreme pressure. This, of course, are traits that people see in their partner and their relationship, so metaphorically this type of stone is very appropriate for wedding bands.

In truth, diamond engagement rings are not in danger of becoming extinct because of the rarity of the stone. It’s actually harder to find stones like emeralds and sapphires.


2.    They’re simple yet elegant

engagement ring in a flower

One of the things that makes diamond engagement rings so universally appealing is their simple beauty and elegance. There are no crazy colour patterns, it’s a clear and refractive crystal that looks stunning against every skin type.

People don’t need to think too long or hard about whether they would like a diamond engagement ring.


3.    There’s a culture around them

Of course, anyone who is a student of art, film, or literature would know that diamond engagement rings are given value in many stories. Plenty of movies feature people being wowed by this kind of wedding band, and it’s something that’s been normalised and promoted through pop culture.

Plenty of songs have also been written about them, or at least mention them. They’ve become so synonymous with marriage in Western culture that there is an expectation that if you really love someone, you will get them an expensive diamond engagement ring.

This cultural expectation is undoubtedly what drives the market demand for diamond engagement rings and explains why they remain as expensive as they are. However, it’s still worth noting that they are a very valuable and attractive stone, this is just pointing out that the value has been somewhat inflated by pop culture and marketing.


Do you need to get a diamond engagement ring?

You don’t have to get a diamond engagement ring if you and your partner are into something else, and it can be quite unique to go a different direction. However, if your partner really expects it and places a high amount of importance on it, then it’s a good idea to go with their wishes since this is what they value deep down.

Hopefully, the information above has given you some more insight into the appeal of this type of wedding band and the reasons why it has remained popular for such a long time.

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