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Why Promotional Merchandise Is The Most Effective Viral Marketing

Why Promotional Merchandise Is The Most Effective Viral Marketing

People often talk about viral marketing and the massive impact it has on digital viewers and the almighty pursuit that so many companies face when it comes to reigniting a campaign that took the world by storm. So much time has been put into the digital realm that the physical one is falling by the wayside.

Promotional merchandise is not only an essential and vibrant way of expressing your brand, but also a way of standing out from the crowd of competitors, as well as establishing yourself in the minds of your target audience in a way that is hard to shake. When it comes to modern advertising and marketing – strategies have to be outside of the box in order to have any retention in the community.

Oftentimes having a hook, or an unexpected mode of reaching customers is what drives sales and branding that has the ability to stick with 21st century attention spans. This is where promotional merchandise makes its presence known.

The Realm Of Promotional Merchandise

Promotional merchandise has come a long way since the days of a few pens and notebooks given out at events. The notion of branding your company on useful and unexpected items has taken off in a big way.

Modern promotional merchandise extends to cool additions such as masks, apparel, gym equipment and accessories, jewelry and much more. While the tried and true pathways are often the pen and apparel varieties of promotional merchandise, there are some that can be construed as ‘viral’ in terms of their overage and popularity, which worked in the company’s favour in wildly imaginative ways.

Some Famous Examples

There are a few key examples of promotional merchandise causing a wave of popularity and discussion over the years. Older classic examples are the McDonald’s Tupperware of the 1980s or Pepsi Cola pens that are still worth quite a bit of money in today’s collector circles.

More modern solutions have gone to show that having good promotional merchandise, coupled with a good and solid idea foundation can be a recipe for viral marketing success.

The Dominos Onesie

This idea was simple and brilliant in its execution. The onesie sensation is still having its renaissance as a fun home garment and companies were quick to jump on the bandwagon. None were as effective as Dominos was. Their pizza themed onesie was designed as part of a fundraiser where profits of the product were slated for a charitable cause.

The overwhelming success put the company in the spotlight around the world, and people were aching to have their own Domino’s onesie.

Starbucks Reusable Cups

When it comes to promotional merchandise, you can’t go wrong with Starbucks. Their ability to have the little green mermaid as a symbol of everyday existence was genius and using the opportunity for branded promotional material to be in the hands of as many people as possible is marketing 101. Re-usable cups have become more and more the norm, and the ease of access to, and the simplicity of their design allows for a strong branding presence to be felt in offices around the world.

The Importance Of Virality

For promotional merchandise to make an impact in the modern climate, it’s absolutely vital to have some form of virality associated with it. By making it extremely useful, wildly different, or simply in a more exclusive context, there is no telling how strong your branding message can be, while also serving to become a part of your customers physical worlds with unique, useful, and creative instances of promotional merchandise.

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