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Why You Should Consider Taking Helicopter Lessons

Why You Should Consider Taking Helicopter Lessons

Have you ever thought about the incredible things that happen every day in the skies, such as helicopter rides? If so, then maybe it’s time to look into getting your helicopter license so that you can be one of the people who transport supplies and rescue people in emergencies. But before you start taking helicopter lessons, there are some things you should know so that you don’t have any surprises. Read these tips below to learn about why helicopter lessons are important and what you need to do to become a certified pilot!

Everything you need to know about helicopter lessons

The first step toward learning how to fly a helicopter is to find an accredited school. After that, you can start earning your private pilot’s license. Be aware that it will take quite a bit of time and effort before you can solo. A more realistic goal is to complete about 35 hours of flight training before going for your check-ride (which requires at least 10 hours of dual instruction). After receiving your commercial certificate, you’ll have to obtain an FAA instrument rating. The ability to fly helicopters under IFR conditions is essential if you want any chance at flying professionally in commercial or corporate aviation—or even just being comfortable during emergencies like low visibility due to fog or rain, etc.

How Can I Become a Pilot?

The best and safest way to become a pilot is to get an aviation degree from a community college or university. However, that route might not be possible for everyone in today’s economy. If you can’t afford to take time off of work and don’t want to drop tens of thousands of dollars on tuition (or if you’re too busy getting your license even to go back to school), there are still options for learning how to fly. Several flight schools all over the country offer Part 141 pilot training programs in which students spend most of their time in actual aircraft instead of classrooms.

Get a flying license, not a pilot’s license.

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When choosing a type of license, first decide what kind of flying you want to do. The three main types are student, recreational and commercial. To fly for a commercial company, you’ll need a commercial pilot’s license; however, there is no reason why aspiring pilots can’t get started sooner by first getting their private pilot’s license. This allows them to fly solo under specific conditions with less oversight from an instructor. Private helicopter lessons also take just 30 to 50 hours—as opposed to 200 hours—which means students save money and have more free time and flexibility when they choose to complete their training. Ultimately, choosing to get your private license is one of the best decisions prospective pilots can make as it allows them freedom before advancing further into their careers.

Is it expensive?

It may seem like helicopter lessons are expensive, but think about it: An average car ride is usually around $25, the same as a single lesson. If you drive a lot, that’s a drop in your gas tank! And taking enough lessons will allow you to earn your private pilot license, which isn’t exactly cheap. It’s something worth considering. The great thing about helicopter lessons is that most companies offer payment plans if you buy multiple classes upfront—meaning you can learn at your own pace while budgeting effectively.

How do I start getting my license?

Start by getting familiar with your area’s weather patterns. Wind, humidity, temperature, and precipitation are major factors in determining a safe flight path. Familiarize yourself with these conditions by researching historical weather data for your area and even looking up live reports to find out what’s happening in real-time. Knowing when it’s safe to fly can save you money and disappointment down the road.

Congratulations! Now that you’ve made it through all of these helicopter lessons, you are on your way to becoming a professional pilot. You need to study hard and do your best in your helicopter lessons. It will be a tough road, but if you put in all of your efforts, it will be worth it to take to the skies for your first solo flight as a licensed helicopter pilot. Best of luck!

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